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Tannya is amazing! We hired her and Simply Lovely Events as our day of coordinator for our Wedding in September. We met with Tannya 45 days before the wedding and Tannya immediately took over and worked really hard to see our vision and bring it all to fruition. She took over and the more we spoke, the more I felt my wedding stress melt away. We had a lot of unique aspects to our wedding, most notably a spiral ceremony, and during the rehearsal I was getting overwhelmed only because it was nothing any of us had ever done or seen. Tannya took over and by the end of the rehearsal we were so glad that we went with the spiral set up. The day of went incredibly smooth. Everyone says that things go wrong but for us that was not the case….it was seamless and perfect. Tannya took care of every detail. Our day was perfect and we are so grateful to have met her and had her as part of our wedding! Thank you Tannya for everything!!!

– Shenine, Bride

Tannya was absolutely amazing. From my first meeting with her I knew I would love getting to work with her. She helped me plan my wedding ceremony. She had great ideas and helped me with every little detail. She is well organized, efficient, talented, sweet, and does an incredible job. I am very grateful that she was there to help me plan because she informed me of things I didn’t even think about. The rehearsal was blazing hot and she was pregnant…but yet she ran our rehearsal with ease. She is calm and professional which helped my nerves. The day of my wedding was a blur but I remember her smiling face as I walked down the aisle. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful wedding coordinator!

-Jessica Wood, Bride



“Tannya was absolutely incredible! I never even had to think twice about what our rehearsal dinner would look like, or if it would work for us and our guests, I just showed up and let everything she had set up fall into place. She was so detailed and creative, it was everything I had imagined, but could never have pulled off by myself. My guests kept mentioning how beautiful it was, we were truly blessed to have Tannya in charge of our rehearsal dinner. With 60 guests showing up, it would have been impossible to prepare for the event without her. ” 

-Bri Reeser, Bride

IMG_7939PINIMAGE“Tannya helped plan every detail of my baby shower, one of the sweetest days ever! I had wanted a book theme and had some ideas of what it could look like, and Tannya’s touch was more than I could have hoped for! It was perfect.”

– Katie Blackburn 




When my husband decided to celebrate his 60th birthday party we wanted it to be memorable and invited friends and family closest to our hearts. When the list hit over 100 people, I knew I had to hire someone to help me plan the perfect celebration and am so thankful we hired Tannya to help us! From our very first meeting, Tannya was so personal and always maintained her professional balance. She asked me questions to get a good feel for what we were looking for.  She made sure to keep our “theme” from helping us choose the perfect invitation, colors, table settings, to room layout. She added details that I never thought about such as having a photographer to capture all the one-time memories happening that day, and made sure the photographer took the pictures I previously indicated to her. She interfaced with all the vendors (DJ, caterer and winery coordinator), which I was so thankful for!  I loved her energy and how passionate she was about our event.  I was able to fully enjoy the party while she kept everything on track as well as every single detail.

-Esther Cobar